Hélène Grimaud – Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2

Hélène Grimaud – Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2 (2013) [Hi-Res]

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Year Of Release:2013
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法国钢琴家Hélène Grimaud被称为我们时代的格伦·古尔德(Glenn Gould),他创作了极具独创性、技术精湛的作品,根据你的个人反应,这些作品既精彩又独特。你可能会认为这是勃拉姆斯的一个危险信号,因为古尔德在浪漫主义剧目中表现最差,似乎在推动作曲家想要的结构。然而,格里莫在这里表现得很好。是的,读数不寻常。D小调第一钢琴协奏曲,作品15的开场动作非常缓慢,每个音符和每个细节都几乎敲定。正如格里莫在一次采访中所说,这是对这位年轻女子的诠释,她在第一次演奏协奏曲后崩溃并哭泣。你可能喜欢,也可能不喜欢这种方法,但客观上,你可能不得不承认她成功了。这在很大程度上要归功于指挥安德里斯·尼尔森的作品,他在很多方面展示了格里莫的长篇大论。第二和第三个动作更直接。第一首协奏曲的交响乐团是巴伐利亚广播交响乐团;第二次,你得到了维也纳爱乐乐团,再次在尼尔森的领导下,更能传递格里莫所设定的成熟、浪漫的气氛。一些听众如此珍视的精确、睿智的勃拉姆斯在这里没有任何证据,但这是一张极具魅力、令人兴奋的录音。在第一首协奏曲中,德国文法琴的工程技术是慕尼黑赫尔库莱萨尔的一大优势,在第二首协奏乐中也是一大优势。他们在维也纳的Musikverein开设了店铺。他们一定在那里录制了数百次,管弦乐队也经常在那里演奏。但这里的一切都不是死记硬背–詹姆斯·曼海姆。

French pianist Hélène Grimaud has been called a Glenn Gould for our time, the creator of highly original, technically superb readings that are either brilliant or idiosyncratic, depending on your personal reaction. You might consider that a red flag for Brahms, for Gould was at his worst in Romantic repertory, seeming to push against the structures the composer intended. Here Grimaud comes out all right, however. Yes, the readings are unusual. The opening movement of the Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor, Op. 15, is taken extremely slowly, with each note and each detail almost hammered out. It’s very much the interpretation of the young woman who, as Grimaud once said in an interview, broke down and cried after playing the concerto for the first time. You may or may not like this way of approaching the work, but objectively you’ll likely have to admit that she pulls it off. This is in no small part due to the work of conductor Andris Nelsons, who lays out a lengthy orchestral exposition that Grimaud plays off of in many ways. The second and third movements are more straightforward. The orchestra for the first concerto is the Bavarian Radio Symphony; for the second you get the Vienna Philharmonic, again under Nelsons, and even more capable of delivering the ripe, Romantic mood Grimaud sets out. The precise, intellectual Brahms so prized by some listeners is nowhere in evidence here, but this is a charismatic, exciting recording. Deutsche Grammophon’s engineering is a plus in Munich’s Herkulessaal in the first concerto, a major plus in the second, where they set up shop in Vienna’s Musikverein. They must have recorded there hundreds of times, and the orchestra played there just as often. But nothing at all here is done by rote. ~ James Manheim

Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat major, Op. 83
1. Allegro non troppo 18:51
2. Allegro appassionato 9:25
3. Andante – Più adagio 12:44
4. Allegretto grazioso – Un poco più presto 9:27

Waltz in A flat major op. 39 no. 15
5. 15. Waltz in A flat major 1:48



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