Johanna Rose – 7 Movements

Johanna Rose – 7 Movements 24-48

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Year Of Release:2022
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7 movements; three suites each with seven movements。在她有趣的新专辑中,中提琴演奏家约翰娜·罗斯(Johanna Rose)在D小调六乐章巴赫组曲前演奏了圣·科隆贝(Sainte Colombe,父亲)的前奏曲,并以圣·科隆比(Saint Colombe)的查康尼(chaconne)完成了D大调巴赫组曲。第三首“组曲”是一首全家福,由父亲和儿子共同创作,由罗斯创作成组曲。Johanna Rose为Rubicon创作的其他专辑受到了评论家的好评。

01. Sainte Colombe the elder: Prélude (from Solo Viola da Gamba Suite in D Minor)

Bach: Cello Suite No. 5 in C minor, BWV1011
02. I. Prélude
03. II. Allemande
04. III. Courante
05. IV. Sarabande
06. V. Gavotte I & II
07. VI. Gigue

08. Sainte Colombe the younger: Prelude in E minor

Sainte Colombe the younger: Viola da Gamba Suite in G major
09. I. Allemande
10. II. Courante
11. III. Sarabande
12. VI. Gigue

13. Sainte Colombe the younger: Fantasie en Rondeau from Bass Viol Suite No. 1 in G minor

Bach: Cello Suite No. 6 in D major, BWV1012
14. I. Prélude
15. II. Allemande
16. III. Courante
17. IV. Sarabande
18. V. Gavotte I & II
19. VI. Gigue

20. Sainte Colombe the younger: Chaconne from Solo Viola da Gamba Suite In D minor



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