Gina Alice – Wonderworld

Gina Alice – Wonderworld (2021) [Hi-Res]


青年钢琴家Gina Alice首张个人独奏2CD专辑《Wonderworld》,融汇古典跨界与东西方经典曲目,弹奏舒曼、德布西、拉赫曼尼诺夫、久石让、坂本龙一、中国民歌等音乐,更有自己创作的作品《Encore》,以及跟郎朗四手联弹布拉姆斯乐曲,展现Gina多面魅力:既是钢琴家,亦是生活家。

  1. 1-01-1 Von fremden Ländern und Menschen
  2. 1-02-No 4 in D Major Andante cantabile
  3. 1-03-7 Träumerei
  4. 1-04-No 1 in E-Flat Major Andante moderato
  5. 1-05-Seascape (Arr Bill Evans for Piano)
  6. 1-06-Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon (Arr Wang Jian Zhong for Piano)
  7. 1-07-Opus
  8. 1-08-Gymnopédie No 1
  9. 1-09-Vladimir’s Blues
  10. 1-10-Comptine d’un autre été, l’après-midi
  11. 1-11-Liszt Widmung, S 566 (after R Schumann)
  12. 1-12-No 2 in E-Flat Major Andante
  13. 1-13-Wiegenlied, Op 49 No 4 (Arr Cortot for Piano)
  14. 1-14-No 5 in F-Sharp Minor Allegro
  15. 2-01-Canon in D Major (Arr Yukie Nishimura for Piano)
  16. 2-02-La plus que lente, L 121
  17. 2-03-The Dance of Waterweeds
  18. 2-04-A Catalogue of Afternoons
  19. 2-05-Encore
  20. 2-06-No 5 in G Major Moderato
  21. 2-07-3 Clair de lune
  22. 2-08-Blonde
  23. 2-09-Merry-Go-Round
  24. 2-10-2 Intermezzo in A Major Andante teneramente
  25. 2-11-II Adagio cantabile
  26. 2-12-No 3 in D-Flat Major Lento placido
  27. 2-13-12 Kind im Einschlummern
  28. 2-14-No 15 in A-Flat Major



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