SawanoHiroyuki – V

SawanoHiroyuki – V (2023) Hi-Res

Quality:FLAC (tracks) 24bit-96kHz
Year Of Release:2023
Total Time:37:55
Total Size:814 Mb
Label:Sony Music Labels Inc

SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]是作曲家泽野浩之的声乐项目,他负责《泰坦的进攻》和《Promare》等众多重磅动漫作品,是第5张原创专辑。这部作品是电视动画《86八十六-》的结尾主题“Avid”“Hands Up to the Sky”,以及电视动画《Gunjou no Fanfare》,由JO1的川野俊树(Junki Kawano)和Yonashiro担任嘉宾配音。包括许多动漫主题曲,如结尾主题《局外人》。

SawanoHiroyuki[nZk], the vocal project of composer Hiroyuki Sawano, who is in charge of numerous blockbuster anime works such as “Attack on Titan” and “Promare”, is the 5th original album. This work is the ending theme “Avid” “Hands Up to the Sky” of the TV anime “86-Eighty Six-“, and the TV anime “Gunjou no Fanfare” with guest vocals from JO1’s Junki Kawano and Sho Yonashiro. Includes many anime theme songs such as the ending theme “OUTSIDERS”.

01. IiIiI (2:04)
02. FAKEit (feat. Laco) (2:54)
03. LEMONADE (feat. XAI) (2:49)
04. B∀LK (feat. suis from Yorushika) (2:41)
05. 7th String (feat. ReN) (4:47)
06. OUTSIDERS (feat. 河野純喜 & Sho Yonashiro) (2:50)
07. Hands Up to the Sky (feat. Laco) (3:29)
08. LilaS (feat. たかはしほのか) (4:06)
09. Avid (feat. mizuki) (4:09)
10. COLORs (feat. Hata Motohiro) (2:51)
11. 地球という名の都 (feat. ASKA) (3:30)
12. V (1:50)



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