百利唱片 -黄河源Ⅱ

百利唱片 -《黄河源Ⅱ》(Yellow River The Story Ⅱ)

百利唱片 -《黄河源Ⅱ》(Yellow River The Story Ⅱ)
百利唱片 -《黄河源Ⅱ》(Yellow River The Story Ⅱ)


码率:2822400 Hz/1bit


“Yellow River source II” is a new music album released by Bailey records company in the form of SACD. The music is collected in the Yellow River Basin Central Plains people and border minorities, in daily life and labor produced beautiful folk songs, and the album includes Sichuan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Qinghai four provinces of folk songs, folk songs, a total of 13 pieces of music, including the big family familiar “Aobao meet”, “Kangding Love Song”, “sanshilipu”, “half moon climb” “The songs” by Xu Cong, Chen Yi, and so on, have been adapted to the music of the Chinese people, especially those of Han Cong Lei and Chen Yi Unique cultural and artistic characteristics.


  1. 悍烈的小黄马 A Bold Brown Pony
  2. 怀念 Memory
  3. 雀 A Sparrow
  4. 蒙古小夜曲 Mongolian Serenade
  5. 敖包相会 Meeting At The Yuri
  6. 放风筝 Flying Kites
  7. 康定情歌 KangDin Lovesong
  8. 家家门上贴对联 Antithetical Couplets Posted On Every Household’s Door
  9. 三十里铺 Sanshili Village
  10. 我的心情我什么这样欢畅 Why Am I So Delighted
  11. 尕老汉 Small Old Man
  12. 月亮月亮 The Moon, The Moon
  13. 半个月亮爬上来 The Crescent Moon




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